Board Committees

To better organize and manage the myriad of activities of the Association, Board Members volunteer to serve on various focused committees.  Each committee determines the tasks to be accomplished and their meeting and activity schedule.  Each committee chair reports on the committees progress at each monthly Board of Directors' meeting.  The committee structure for Energeyes is: 

The Executive Committee 

Mark Uhler, OD, Immediate Past President, Eric Botts, OD, President, Jennifer Geertz, OD, Treasurer and, Naheed Ahmad, OD,Secretary

Bylaws Committee

Jon Noble, OD and Steven Lowinger, OD

National Meeting Planning Committee

Eric Botts, OD, Jon Noble, OD and Maurice Wilson, OD

Student and New Graduate Program Chair

Christopher Envani, OD

President’s Council Nominating Committee

Mark Uhler, OD, Adam Phelps, OD and Jennifer Geertz, OD

Membership Committee

Vincent Facchiano, OD, Nikil Patel, OD, Randy Grover, OD

Industry Relations Committee

Dmitry Gutkovich, OD

SECO Committee

Bill Baldwin, OD Naheed Ahmad, OD, Adam Phelps, OD, John Stewart, OD ex-officio