Energeyes Syndicated Member Website FAQ

As a new member of Energeyes, you are entitled to a free website for your practice courtesy of our vendor partner, EyeCarePro.  The following information is presented to provide you with information about this new practice website.  For additional questions, please contact Mr. Michael Porat, Executive Director of Energeyes at 347-618-0784.

What’s Syndication?

Web syndication is the efficient distribution of different types of content over a network of end-user, practice websites.  The process allows for websites to only receive content that is pertinent and relevant to the practice from the content source (a vendor). This steady flow of high quality, product and service-oriented content keeps websites fresh, up-to-date and displaying the latest information about the products and services you provide.

Who is Involved?

The syndication is being organized and sponsored by Energeyes to provide immediate value to both our members and our vendor partners. Vendors are utilizing the syndicate to reach their customers – your practice and the community you serve – with the products and services they offer. Your practice is the gateway to thousands of consumers in your community seeking a range of eye care services.  Attracting these customers is important for you and the vendors with whom we work.

How Does It Work?

EyeCarePro has created a software system that matches vendor-sponsored content such as ads, coupons, news, articles, product placement, product guides and catalogs, consumer surveys, and online ordering with the products and services offered by your practice.  If your practice is offering a service, and a vendor is providing content to the syndicate about that service, your website will automatically be updated to reflect this new information and potentially to drive consumers in your community to ask for that service upon their next visit.

In our diagram, industry content providers are in blue, your practice is in green and the consumers and patients you serve are in yellow. The syndicate perfectly aligns these three groups to better meet the needs of each.

What are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to member practices. First, if you are not marketng your practice on the web today you are missing many, many new patients who turn to the web for guidance and direction on who to use for eyecare services. Second, your website will be free of charge from the moment you join Energeyes and complete the necessary website forms. Your website is actually being funded by the payments vendors are making for access to your website and the consumers in your market.  Due to the size of the syndicate, we can provide extensive content opportunities reaching thousands of consumers for a relatively small cost.

Third, your website will have fresh and exciting new content that is good for your search engine optimization and for attracting new customers to your site and your practice.  We are all about helping you grow your practice and this is a big step in the right direction.

Lastly, all of this marketing on your behalf is occurring without any effort on your part.  You will receive a monthly report letting you know of the changes made to your site and the results from Google Analytics.  It doesn't get much easier than that.

Will My Website Now Look Like Everyone Else’s Website?

While the syndication engine that manages the websites has common elements, the look and feel of your website as well as the content, color and photos can be unique to your practice. Your bios, your photosgraphs, your staff, your hours of operation. Certain elements and web pages on your practice website will be reserved for vendor content. The largest portion of the website is reserved for your practice.

What are the Costs?

In a syndication model, the costs for your website are paid for by the fees charged to vendors to access your website and place their content there. This is a win-win business model because your practice receives a value and effective marketing tool without the cost and your vendor partners receive nationwide distribution across the syndication at a low cost.

How Do I Sign Up?

You've already accomplished step 1.  We will send you a website information form to complete and from there we will construct your site.  You may need to purchase a domain name or url (www.something.com).  The cost of this is typically $15 to $20 per year and it is something that you own. If you have any additional questions, please contact Mr. Michael Porat, Executive Director at 347-618-0784 for more information.  Once you site is live, very little time and effort is required for you to have an industry leading website that is producing results for your practice.

What if I Already Have a Website?

If you already have a website, we will transfer the data from your current website and your domain name (www.something.com) over to the new syndication platform at no cost to you.  The process takes about 72 hours.

After your current site has been transferred to the new platform, you will need to go to your new site and edit the content as there may be new content opportunities as a result of the new format.  A representative from the EyeCarePro Support Team will contact you about this and assist you with the editing process.

Can I Make Changes to My Website on the Syndication Platform?

Another benefit of utilizing the syndication platform is the ease with which you can also add and modify content at any time using an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).  You, or your staff members, can make changes to the website text, add photos, or add new pages whenever you wish. 

Here are some examples you can look at.  Notice the vendor content on the right side.  Click on them and check out all of the great content.