Membership Benefits

Our most important benefit is not listed on this page - networking, friendship and access to corporate-affiliated optometrists from coast to coast.



Part of our mission as an Association is to help you grow your practice.  Today’s market requires a strong online presence from all practices as over 40% of all new patient appointments are made online. Energeyes members receive a FREE website courtesy of our partner, EyeCarePro.  EyeCarePro has additional services available to make your online marketing effort yield strong results.  . Click here to learn more.                                             

Each year the Energeyes Association hosts a two day national meeting bringing corporate-affiliated optometrists together from coast to coast.  The only meeting of its kind, all of our education is targeted to an OD in practicing in the corporate modality.  The networking possibilities are endless and all of this is brought to our members at no cost.  Comparable meetings cost between $600 and $800.  Members attend our national meeting for FREE. Find out more here.



Energeyes members are entitled to participate at no charge in a national Office Depot discounting program that is saving our members between 10% and 35% on their office supplies, office equipment and printing needs.  Products are delivered at no charge directly to your door.

Energeyes provides members with detailed research papers on over 20 products including OCT, Anterior Segment cameras, EHR systems, dilation drops, Internet access, and diagnostic tools to help you make decisions about the products that best meet your practice needs.  Favorable discounts are also negotiated to ensure members receive the best value.

The Energeyes Association has a special relationship with SECO International, one of optometry’s major education events.  Energeyes members receive a discounted enrollment to SECO each year and a special ‘SECO Sunday’ just for Energeyes members which offers a full day of education specific to corporate affiliated optometrists.  Click here to register for this great educational and networking event in Atlanta, GA.

A special arrangement has been made with one of the leading law firms in the country specializing in contract law. Your membership provides instant access to attorneys that understand your business and what can and cannot be accomplished in your corporate lease. Take the guesswork out of your renegotiation.  

Our Medical Billing and Coding seminars go deep into teaching you how to bill accurately and appropriately for your medical services.  Learn how to get on insurance panels and grow your practice by providing additional medical services within your practice. 


Each month, Energeyes features a COPE approved webinar on clinical topics important to your practice.  Earn credit while enhancing your practice knowledge and skills.  As a member, these webinars are brought to you free of charge usually in after-work hours and direct to your home or desk.  All presentations are recorded for access at a later date. 



From time to time, the need to hire staff or a new Associate arises and thankfully the Association has provided for this.  Through a special arrangement with CovalentCareers, Energeyes members receive their first job search at no charge on this optometry-specific job search site.  Contact our Executive Director for details.

Most Associations don’t tout their newsletter, but the Energeyes newsletter is a must read.  Read by over 4,000 corporate-affiliated optometrists and industry professionals, there is something for everyone in our monthly communication.  Click here to view our archives.

In early 2014, the Energeyes Association made a commitment to our upcoming optometry students and new graduates providing free membership until their second year of practice and a robust mentoring program for students entering the field with a corporate-affiliated practice.  Student and new graduate members have the same privileges as members without the cost.  Click here for more information.  


An Association is about being part of a team - a group of people you can reach out to when you need it.  But sometimes, that relationship needs to be more intense.  That is why Energeyes has sponsored a mentorship program that has helped many new, and not-so-new, OD's get the answers they need from experience members of our group.  Whether you are a new grad looking to avoid some of the 'typical mistakes', or an experienced OD who is launching a new service, the mentorship program has had great results for its participants.

Setting practices up to make the most of the medical model is a first step in our efforts to train and equip members to practice to the full extent of their licenses. The Ignition Program provides 12 months of EHR, clearninghouse services and crednetialing for Medicare and Medicaid for one very low cost.
Our Dry Eye Training Program is yet another innovation to support our members in growing their practice into greater medical services.  We have developed a turnkey blueprint for creating a Dry Eye Center of excellence in member practices providing marketing, treatment protocols, discounted products and services and education.  The Association has opened over 50 Dry Eye Centers across the US in 2016 and will continue our efforts in 2017.