Member Testimonials




"Finally an Association for Corporate Optometrists! 

- Richard Simonds, OD




"I did share your latest webinar wutgh my tech and she has already changed some of her dialogue with patients about their insurances.  I've been trying to explain some of these concepts for years, but I guess she had to hear it and see it from somebody else.  Just like our kids, right? Thanks again for the Information"

- Michael Vaske, OD




 "I have to say, I personally got more out of last year's meeting than any other continuing

education that I've been to, for several reasons.   I've been renting a space from Walmart for 14 years, so being able to go to a meeting with mostly corporate Optometrists to compare notes  was invaluable. Having the Walmart Townhall meeting and being able to talk to the higher ups came at a very good time for me. 

Also, the dry eye clinic was top notch!

No offense to our state association, but they could really step up their game. Unfortunately, I am only able to use eight hours of the continuing education that you offer because our state association will not allow us to use therapeutic hours from any organization that is not sponsored by an actual college of optometry. And I do have to run the hours past the president of our state association first."

- Melissa Parker, OD





Starting with the ignition program that you have provided is been one of the best moved

I've ever done in my career.

Very Best,

- Joseph Hartman, OD




"In my heart, I truly feel we are the true professional clinicians in the world of optometry. Many wpork for ophthalmologists and carry the prestige of that environment on their sleeves...

I personnally never wanted to be a merchant so I spent a career as an Air Force clinical optometrist and after retiring was offered a clinical position in a small five office, retail-oriented vision center. 

I practice as I want and p[rovide the best care I can for my patients without any influence by the company who owns it and evrybody seems happy, so it works for me. But I am tired of being looked down on by the other optometry modalities.

Thank you for your organization.  I look forward to being a part of it."

- N. Lloyd, OD