Mission Statement

Empowering current and future corporate affiliated optometrists and those optometrists working within a corporate setting with knowledge and resources to provide the best patient care.

 "Empowerment" is a word that is used a lot, but at Energeyes, we believe that empowerment is the very first step in our members achieving their full potential.  Empowerment is the process where professionals begin believe in themselves and their capabilities to be great optometrists. Empowerment is about ownership, not in the legal sense of the word, but in the way we view our control on our careers as optometrists.

“...current and future” is a statement of our Association’s commitment to our students, our future optometrists.  Our goal is to support them through their education and ensure they view corporate optometry as an exciting option for their career and practice.

“...those optometrists working in a corporate setting” invites those optometrists who are not leaseholders, but work and develop themselves as professionals within a retail setting.  We are with you and seek to support you to achieve your career goals.

It is important to the Energeyes mission that our members are optometrists working within a corporate setting.  While we are advocates for all optometry, the need we are meeting as an organization is for those optometrists who practice and encounter the unique demands of the retail environment.

"Knowledge and resources" refers to the education and tools we provide our members.  Education and "knowledge" comes in the form of webinars and our national meeting.  "Resources" have to do with tools, such as the free website we provide to all of our members and the forms available to members to modify specifically to their practice.

All of our efforts point to support our members to provide the best patient care available.


Energeyes Association Timeline


February, 2013 – Walmart Advisory Board members are approached by EyeCarePro about the possibility of forming an Association for Walmart and Sam’s Club optometrists


March, 2013 – A business plan is written by Michael Porat describing the new Association.   It is under review of the Advisory committee

April, 2013 Business plan presentations are madeto a larger advisory panel


May, 2013 The Business plan is accepted and Michael Porat is hired as Executive Director.  EyeCarePro agrees to financially support the effort until it is financially independent.  Advisory Board members are enlisted as an “Organizing Committee” to form the new Association.

June, 2013 The Retail Optometric Association isformed as a 501(c)6, not-for-profit corporation.Not-for-profit status requires a broader audienceand the Association is open to all corporate ODs.


July, 2013 The Organizing Committee meets in Los Angeles, CA for the first face-to-face meeting. Many of the initial decisions are made and “Energeyes” is adopted as the Association’s moniker. A “soft launch” is announced and a movie is made to support the announcement

September, 2013 Association is launched on September 1, 2013 with 60 initial members.  The Organizing committee is changed to an official Board of Directors.