President's Council Award

Each year, the Energeyes Association Board of Directors selects an optometrist to be recognized and honored for their outstanding contributions to our industry. It is through leaders like this that we are also inspired to be our best.

Help us to identify candidates worthy of this prestigious award.  Please complete this form and email it to Michael Porat. Executive Director for consideration by our President's council committee.

Wondering who to nominate?  Their work should resemble that of our previous recipients:

Download your nomination form (in WORD here or as a .pdf here). Please sumit all nominations for 2016 to Michael Porat no later than June 30, 2016. 

Dr. Larry Alexander, 2014

"Our Board selected Dr. Alexander for many reasons.  None, however, was for the location of his office. Dr. Alexander exemplifies the values of Energeyes because he is about one thing – the drive to provide the best eye care possible for our patients.  Dr. Alexander is about community.  He’s all about education.  He’s is about learning from each other.  The fit between what Dr. Alexander has done, and what we as an association of members are attempting to do, is uncanny."  - Dr. Mark Uhler, President



Dr. Ernest Bowling, 2015

"Today's President’s Council Award is... about courage. I have the awesome privilege of recognizing a person who has demonstrated courage in a much bigger way.  When I think about this individual, I like to use the expression, "He walks the talk". A courageous individual is someone acting in accord with their conscience, risking their career or even their life by pursuing a larger vision in opposition to popular opinion or pressure from others.  Today, I am very pleased to announce that the 2015 Energeyes President’s Council Award winner is Dr. Ernest Bowling." - Dr. Mark Uhler, President