The Directory of Corporate Affiliated Optometrists


Part of the work of an Association is the provision of quality data to both members, vendors, retail partners and our industry as a whole.  The Energeyes Association has taken on the responsibility of creating a valid and up-to-date data source of all optometrists working in a corporate location across retail brands.

Our definition of a corporate-affiliated optometrist is any OD whose optical department is owned by another organization.  This includes lease holding optometrists as well as employed optometrists. 

This is a work in progress. It has been almost one year in the making and will be an ongoing project to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

Our database offers the data fields of Optical Owner, Brand Name, Optometrist name, complete address, market, and phone. Our data may be ordered for a State(s) and for named and unnamed OD's (name data not available at that location or the location does not have an optometrist).

Please complete our order form and a cost proposal along with the count of the data you've selected will be sent via email.  Upon acceptance of the proposal, an order will be created and your data sent electronically.