About Us

Welcome to Energeyes

The Association of Corporate Affiliated Optometrists

Drawing on our strength, expertise and desire to have
a profound impact on our patients and optometry, Energeyes is an association of corporate-affiliated optometrists who represent more than 10,000 optometrists in North America.

We are an association that fosters local, regional and national meetings for our members.

We are an association that works collaboratively with industry to bring our members the best products, programs and services at the best prices to help our members better meet the needs of their local communities.

We are an association that promotes the medical model of practices for optometrists to practice within the full scope of their licenses.

We are an association that facilitates the ease with which our members practice by providing best practices on many new services - Dry Eye, scleral lens, new practice and multi-location training. We are a resource when there are questions regarding practice management and growth by supporting local marketing efforts and by providing leadership opportunities to help our members grow both as a practitioner and as a person.

And that is only the beginning...