Global Sponsorships

The Association recognizes that some companies have the ability and the desire to be significant supporters of Energeyes.  We take our global sponsors very seriously and provide significant support and face time with our membership to ensure our sponsors' goals are met. Our sponsors' goals are our goals.

We encourage vendors to download our 2016 Sponsorship Opportunity Guide and contact us if interested in a global sponsorship or any type of sponsorship. To better serve our sponsors, we have elected to limit the number of companies we work with.  All sponsorships are considered on a first come, first served basis and considered with the needs of our members in mind.

Energeyes, the Association of Corporate-Affiliated Optometrists, and those specifically located within a Corporate or retail practice setting, invite you to support and participate in this exciting venture to raise the standard of care and practice performance of our members through a supportive and united association.

Our goals are simple:

  • Education and training for optometrists and their staff at a national, regional and local level
  • Improved communication, collaboration and coordination with our vendors to better serve the needs of our patients
  • To elevate the perception of corporate –affiliated practices in the minds of the industry and the public
  • To assist our members in growing a strong practice to meet the eye care needs of their community
  • And to create a community for the members we serve


We hope you will join with us through our sponsorship opportunities to help us accomplish our goals so that we can help you accomplish yours.

Association Status

Energeyes is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit association. Our Board of Directors Members are uncompensated volunteers. 

Sponsorship Availability

The Association is committed to a high-quality experience for all of our vendor sponsors.  To ensure our ability to be available and support to each of our sponsors, the Association has elected to limit the number of sponsors in this third year of operations. The limited number ensures significant time and attention and hopefully improves each sponsor's chances for a strong return on their investment in our Association.

Thank you for your support.

Download the 2016 Energeyes Sponsorship Guide