National Meeting

Fellow Members and Members to Be,

Our inaugural Energeyes National Meeting is now a moment in history and what a moment it was! For those who attended, thank you.  You participation, friendliness and willingness to share and listen made this a very special occasion.  

Our speakers were extraordinary and our small group settings lent themselves to interactive courses with significant participation from our attendees.  Not the usual meeting. Also, thanks to the generosity of our speakers, many of our course slide decks are now available as a resource when you login.  Simply go to our webinar recordings tab, and you will find a growing resource to continue your learning well beyond the national meeting.

Our honoree, Dr. Larry Alexander, shook us all up and motivated every single person to be the health care Dr. Larry Alexanderand eye care providers were we destined to be.  Thank you Dr. Alexander for that inspirational talk.  You can view Dr. Alexander's key note address when you log in to our member area.

I want to thank Dr. Barbara Horn, AOA Trustee, who took time our of her busy schedule to motivate five Energeyes members to join the AOA right on the spot!  The partnership between the Energeyes Association continues to grow thanks in large part to Dr. Horn's leadership and vision for the working relationship between the AOA and Energeyes. Not yet a member?  Join the growing number of Energeyes members who see the value in being both an Energeyes member AND and AOA member.  Click here for an AOA join form.

To our vendors,Dr. Barbara Horn AOA Trustee thank you.  As many know, we implemented a new approach to integrating vendors into our meeting and building relationships with our members. The response from our vendors was overwhelmingly positive.  A full report on our vendor, and attendee, feedback can be downloaded here.  We are a learning organization and have taken all of the great feedback to heart.  Look out 2015!  Our next National Meeting will be a giant leap forward.

And finally to our attendees who received so much more than what they bargained for.  Look for 55 Energeyes evangelists leaving Colorado Springs headed back to their communities to speak with corporate-affiliated optometrist about being a member, a part of our growing Energeyes family.

Check our all of our photos  and our speakers (below) from the extraordinary weekend of learning, networking  and the creation of a vision for what each of us can be as optometrists.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible and I look forward to the Energeyes National Meeting 2015.

Mark J. Uhler, OD

President, Energeyes Association

Dr. Larry Alexander Keynote Address  

Dr. Larry Alexander shook up our attendees with some interesting, and provocative data about our prescribing habits.  Who are the primary eye care providers in the US?  Click here and find out.


"I wanted to thank you for everything!  The meeting went so well.  We learned a lot and a had a great time.  It was an honor to meet Dr. Alexander!  I appreciated meeting with the vendors as well.  The new format was very interactive and educational." 


"The meeting was very impressionable.  We have all been to many continuing lectures, but the interaction at this meeting was different.  It was great to interact with vendors and colleagues on a very personalized basis.  At the end of the day, you should come back from a meeting and be able to implement new ideas and technologies into your practice to provide state of the art care.  We discussed EMR, ICD 10 coding, Diabetes, Nutrition, hazards of UV, OCT, the Affordable Care Act, the role of the AOA all in one weekend (just to name a few)! It was a tremendous collaborative learning experience."

- Dr. Bhanu Kapoor