Medical Vs. Routine

Documents from Dr. Botts' Webinar

A Nutritional Approach to Treating Dry Eyes

Dr. Jeff Anshel presentation at the Energeyes National Meeting April, 2014

Chairside Nutrition

Dr. Kerry Head provides an practical guide to nutritional education for patients

Beyond Retinopathy Part I

Part one of four parts

Beyond Retinopathy Part II

Dr. Pizzimenti on Diabetes Management Part II

Beyond Retinopathy Part III

Part III of Dr. Pizzimenti's course

Beyond Retinopathy Part IV

Part IV of this course

Beyond Retinopathy Part V

Part V of this course slide deck

Beyond Retinopathy Part VI

The last set of slides in the course

How to Incorporate Nutrition into the Primary Care Practice

Dr. Jeff Anshel's National Meeting Presentation slides

OCT Case by Case Studies

Diana Schectman, OD presentation at the Energeyes National Meeting Part I

OCT Case by Case Studies Part II

Part II of Dr. Shechtman's presentation

Case Studies in Glaucoma Part I

Joseph Pizzimenti Part I of three

ICD-10 Codes for Optometry

Dr. Botts' National Meeting presentation

Employee Manual Template

Dr. Botts, OD Author

Energeyes National Meeting Evaluation

Attendee and vendor evaluations of the meeting

Association Bylaws

Energeyes Association Bylaws

Product Purchasing Program - Anterior Segment Camera eBook

Results of our bid process for Anterior Segment Cameras

Contest Rules

Q2 Membership Campaign

Anshel: Nutrition for Vision

2015 National Meeting courses

Newman: 2015 Eye Nutrition Update

2015 Energeyes National Meeting Presentation

Newman: Nutrition Disease Causes and Cures

2015 Energeyes National Meeting Presentation

Bowling: New Applications and Uses for OCT

2015 Nat Meeting Presentation

Banyas: NTG - A Diagnosis of Exclusion

Energeyes Nat Meeting 2015 Presentation

Banyas: Headache and the Eye

Nat. Meeting 2015 Presentation


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