Product Purchasing Program - A Renewed Focus

Thank you for your interest.  There is much to be saved while increasing the quality of your services.  Energeyes has a commitment to confidentiality surrounding our pricing agreements and ask all members to adhere to strict confidence.  Always refer an interested colleague to the Association for information on pricing instead of sending it to them yourself.

Please check off all products that interst you below and we will send you the product and discount information, as well as the contact information for each product.

This is a member benefit.  If you are not a member, please join first, and then come back to complete this form. Your savings will quickly overshadow the cost of your annual dues. 

  Claims Processing
  Dilation Drops
  Internet Access
  Anterior Segment Camera
  Web Marketing/Website
  EHR System
  Office Supplies/Printing
  ERG/VEP Testing (Diopsys)
  Punctal Plugs
  Staffing Solutions
  Bruder Mask
  Recall Renewal Software