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July 17, 2013

Organizing Committee Announces Formation of Association to Serve Walmart & Sam’s Club Optometrists

Energeyes Association Seeking to Take a Different Path to Better Serve the Industry

Nashville, TN – The Organizing Committee of the newest Association in optometry announced today through a video presentation at the CEing is Believing virtual conference ( the formation of Energeyes, the Association of Corporate-Affiliated Optometrists, which was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation just this month.  The organizers tout a new and different approach to association offerings and management to unify and ignite the strength of the 3,200 Walmart and Sam’s Club lease holding optometrists as well as other corporate affiliated optometrists.

The Organizing Committee consisting of Dr. Mark Uhler of Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Eric Botts of Macomb, IL, Dr. Maria Fragoulis of Lewis Center, Dr. Dmitry Gutkovich of Islandia, NY, Dr. Jennifer Geertz of Batavia, IL, Dr. Naheed Ahmad of Roswell, GA, Dr. Kim Raharja of Atlanta, GA, Dr. Randy Grover of Miami Beach, FL, Dr. John Stewart of Greer, SC, Dr. Joe Blackburn of Houston, TX, Dr. Christopher Envani of Milwaukee, WI and Dr. Toseef Husan of Chicago, IL, has formed a partnership with EyeCarePro who will be the managing partner of the organization and represented in the Association as Mr. Michael Porat who will serve as the Association’s first Executive Director.

The Organizing Committee sees significant promise for the Energeyes Association. “With over 11% of the optometrists nationally, we will be able to offer tremendous benefits to our members, our vendor partners and the industry as a whole,” stated Dr. Mark Uhler, one of the Founders of the Association and a member of the Executive Committee. “We anticipate national, regional and local education and a mentorship program to support new OD’s and to utilize the vast experience of those who have been in practice for a while.”

“We have set our sights very high and are doing this the right way,” stated Dr. Eric Botts. “We believe the Association support and programs will make that crucial difference in the success of our members’ practices and we are going to do that through significant relationships with the vendor community.  We anticipate a win-win-win situation.”

The Committee feels that corporate optometrists have been under-represented in the field and one of the core tenets of the Association will be to ensure that corporate optometry has a seat at every table. “We have studied what other associations are doing and believed we have developed a model that keeps all of the positive ideas but then takes it all up a notch or two,” reported Michael Porat, the new Executive Director of Energeyes. “We believe the value that the Association will bring to members, vendors and optometry as a whole will be palpable in the very near future.”

Energeyes has announced that their website will be launched on Monday, September 2 and at that time, the Association will be accepting new members.  They will also be announcing a series of vendor partnerships, their annual education program, a leadership structure for engaging a national organization and their annual meeting schedule.

“If you are an optometrist in a Walmart or Sam’s Club store at this time,” commented Dr. Jennifer Geertz, “there is a lot of great benefits coming your way before the end of the year to help you be a better optometrist, grow your practice and enjoy the vocation we have all been given.”

For more information, please contact:

Michael Porat, Executive Director